Cosmetic – Original Equipment Manufacturer

For customers who desire to create your own-branded cosmetic, the company has a tentative business plan as following;

1. Formulation development All cosmetics are well formulated under the control of pharmacist and cosmetic specialist in research and development with the consideration of product attribute, texture, and so forth. This process takes 14 days of operation which is able to adjust to satisfy the customers’ need.
2. Product Design  The company provides professional product design and layout without any charges for whoever orders our products. Spending around 10 days in operation.
3. FDA Registration  All products are well registered to FDA Thailand by company’s FDA specialist which takes around 10 – 15 days in procedure.  
4. Production and Bottling
5. Product Delivery 

FDA Registration

As a result of Ministry of Health’s announcement that has covers all cosmetic to be under the control list, therefore every cosmetic to-be-made needs to register the formulation to the FDA Thailand before distributing in the market. With or without intention to act by the announcement will face the legal punishment and penalty, and classified being guilty to the action. Our company provides FDA registration to every single formulation which has been produced by the company, by our FDA specialist. However, to process this task, we do need to request details of product as following;

1. Brand of Product
2. Name of Product
3.  Product Image, with obvious brand and name of product, in PDF file
4. Product Information