Wite Orkid Golden Lucky Draw at Myanmar

Touch One Company Limited, the brand owner of ‘Wite Orkid’ Silky Haircoat, and Oriental Orchid Company Limited, the strategic alliance in Myanmar territory, co-operated to launch the marketing campaign of ‘Wite Orkid lucy draw – 20 Golden necklaces payback to customers’ in Myanmar.

For customers, easily to join, just buy any product of Wite Orkid. Writing your name and address on coupon correctly and then put it into receiving box in shops and supermarkets.

Overwhelming of coupons were sent to company as a part of the successful program, the company arranged the celebrating party in order to randomly select the 20 luckiest persons on December 1, 2014 at Grand Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar, which have been published in local newspapers.

Wite-Orkid-gold-lucky-draw-1   Wite-Orkid-gold-lucky-draw-2   Wite-Orkid-gold-lucky-draw-3