Wite Orkid

Silky Haircoat – Hair Styling Product

Hair styling oil helps coating and styling as wish. One of the best company’s product under registration of ‘Wite Orkid’, which is provided by 8 formulas from natural extracts. Your hair will become healthy, shiny, easy-to-style and lively again

Wite Orkid-Silky Haircoat-jojoba oil-ไวท์ออร์คิด-ซิลกี้แฮร์โค้ท สูตรโจโจบาออยล์ สีชมพู

Jojoba Oil (Pink) Special formula for dried, weaken, broken and shapeless hair. For daily routine use, it helps your hair healthy, softening, shiny as silk, easily styling with a special aroma scent

Wite Orkid-Silky Haircoat-original-ไวท์ออร์คิด-ซิลกี้แฮร์โค้ท สูตรออริจินัล สีฟ้า

Original (Blue) Special formula for all types of hair to help protecting and taking care your hair being healthy, darken, shiny, looking natural and easily styling with a refreshing feeling.

Wite Orkid-Silky Haircoat-butterflypea-ไวท์ออร์คิด-ซิลกี้แฮร์โค้ท สูตรอัญชัน

Butterfly pea Special formula with butterfly pea extract, vitamin E&C is developed for weaken hair from the destructive sunlight & pollutions. To make your hair strengthened, darken, shiny and healthy. You can feel the difference even from the first use

Wite Orkid-Silky Haircoat-citrus-ไวท์ออร์คิด-ซิลกี้แฮร์โค้ท สูตรมะกรูด

Citrus Herbal formula with bergamot oil, aroma and vitamin E. To prevent hair loss, relieve scalp itchy, prolong hair life and promote healthy naturally. Aroma oil helps relaxing. It eventually promotes your personality and confidence

Wite Orkid-Silky Haircoat-avocado-ไวท์ออร์คิด-ซิลกี้แฮร์โค้ท สูตรอะโวคาโด

Avocado Energize your hair with Avocado & Rose oil plus UV Protection and Aromatherapy. It can be used regularly daily for both women and men, with all types of body elements. You can touch the feeling of hair spa and then make your hair healthily strengthen, shiny and easily styling.
Avocado contains natural vitamin C. It helps life-long softening. While rose oil is essential oil making your hair and scalp relaxing and decrease head ache.

Wite Orkid-Silky Haircoat-mineral-ไวท์ออร์คิด-ซิลกี้แฮร์โค้ท สูตรมิเนรัล

Mineral  Natural vitamin enrichment
Latest innovative formula with vitamins, minerals and mixed oil extracts from various flowers as Ylang-Ylang & Tea tree. It helps decreasing scalp inflammation and stimulating the hair growth, then making your hair healthy and shiny. The aromatic smell will help you fresh, active and vitalized

Wite Orkid-Silky Haircoat-greentea-ไวท์ออร์คิด-ซิลกี้แฮร์โค้ท สูตรชาเขียว

Green tea  Special formula is developed for balancing your hair to protect any free radicals and surrounding pollutants. It helps strengthen your hair healthily for long-lasting. It can be used regularly daily for both women and men, with all types of hair. Green tea : Decreasing hair oiliness and as anti-oxidant, while sesame oil helps stimulating the hair growth and increasing blood circulation to hair follicles and scalp

Silky-Wite Orkid-Silky Haircoat-rosemary-ไวท์ออร์คิด-ซิลกี้แฮร์โค้ท สูตรโรสแมรี่

Rosemary Vitalize and refresh your hair with Rosemary & Tea Tree oil plus UV Protection and Aromatherapy. It can be regularly used as daily hair spa. It helps protecting your hair from the surrounding pollutants, then not hardened or broken, lively, balancing weight and easily styling. Rosemary oil is essential oil making your hair and scalp relaxing, softening and lively, while tea tree oil helps decreasing any inflammations and oiliness

Hair Nutrient - Leave on conditioner

Hair nutrient enriched with natural extracts helps nourishing to the hair root and scalp, improvng the healthy of your hair, while also enhancing the black-color of your hair


Yoghurt  For normal and dry hair. Feeding deeply to hair follicles. Helps protect the hair from UV light and preserve hair color


Butterfly pea For normal and oily hair. Helps promoting healthy, darkening and shine naturally. Protect the heat from sun-light


Green tea For treated hair. Helps balancing hair skin and stimulating the hair growth. The anti-oxidant effect helps protect chemical and damaged conditions

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