Not only sunlight UV and surrounding pollutants and chemical ingredients in our daily life, most hair products comprise of chemicals actually affecting to the balance of hair and scalp, for example, hair colors and dyes, curling reagents, and so forth. Although SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, fizzing chemical) is forbidden in EU, it is widely used because of cheap price.

WITE ORKID Xtra in collection of Detox are developed to resolve the problem for health-conscious consumers. So all products in this collection contain mangosteen rind extract , enriching with ‘Xanthones’, which are potent anti-oxidants. According to research, mangosteen rind extract has an anti-oxidant agent much more effective than carrot, raspberry, pomegranate and goji berry. You can be sure that the products promote hair beauty with non-toxic reliability.


Mousse Shampoo  Differentiated from traditional shampoo, the Mousse Shampoo innovatively delivers downy foam for hair cleansing. Not only dirt, it also clears out chemicals and toxins with Xanthones, a potent anti-oxidant. Moreover, it nourishes and keeps balancing to scalps


Hair Mask  Intensive formulation, the Hair Mask deeply nourishes hair, hair root and scalp. Additionally, it boosts immunity to radicals by detoxifying chemicals and pollutants, and keeps balancing to scalp, to firmly strengthen your hair


Moisture UP Leave-on  The Moisture UP, leave-on conditioning cream, nourishes essential extracts through hair core and cell, which can reduce cell reeling off. Your hair becomes healthy, sparkling shiny and lively


Anti-Dandruff Lipo-Serum  The innovated Anti-Dandruff Lipo-Serum uses the technique called ‘Micro-encapsulation’ with liposome to enhance and sustain efficacy of the active ingredients from Thai herbs like Makwan, Wansaolong, Mangosteen, Seaweed, and Tamarind. Its action directs at the root cause of dandruff. Moreover, it nourishes scalp and keeps balancing to hair and scalp. To maximize the result for healthy hair constancy, it is suggested to use after whenever hair cleansing

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